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Friends of a Day Place is a nonprofit foundation created to assist those in need of our services at A Day Place who may be having difficulty with expenses. This nonprofit foundation is to help our clients or family members utilize our services providing the specialized program of A Day Place for safe monitored, socialization and stimulation. This fund is also available to help with the much-needed respite care for our families and caregivers of our clients allowing them the time to take care of themselves and have time to attend to daily life needs.

Friends of a Day Place foundation collects fund through donations, grants and fund-raising efforts. We have chosen to provide this financial assistance rather than utilize state monies. We continue to partner with the Area Agency on Aging through Boulder County but feel strongly about adding this level of financial support for our participants.

To be considered for financial assistance please submit the application for the board to review. You will be notified of our decision and the amount that can be granted. 


Friends of A Day Place provides the opportunity for anyone that wants to attend an adult day program to be able to do this with out financial worry.

To fulfill this mission, Friends of A Day Place,  a not for profit, provides a place to donate funds allowing this to happen. Our gift to you is the knowledge you are helping someone or a family in need of the care and respite time that Adult Day Program offers.


Renita Henson


Renita took on the task of getting A Day Place started so people in the Longmont community would not loose their Adult Day program.  She started Friends to support that program and the families that attend.  She works full time at a local hospital in addition to managing behind these two businesses. Her favorite pastime is reading and in the summer working with the old tractors and equipment.

Larry Henson

Vice President & Treasurer

Larry currently uses his tractors and various haying equipment to do custom haying. He left the industrial world of tool making to work with the earth and his tractors. His favorite winter pastime is restoring old antique tractors and equipment. He is the co-owner of A Day Place and the one who so graciously allowed his home to be used to get A Day Place going.

Robin Schneider


Robin is one of the people that were instrumental in getting A Day Place moved in and all of the policies written.  Lately she has spend a good deal of her time being a grandmother to her five grandchildren. She has a background in the business of managing grocery store workers. She is an avid exercise participant and loves to find peace and good in the things around her.

Credit for Photography

Athena is a nursing Student that Renita worked with during her Community Health Rotation.  Credit for the beautiful pictures go to her. She would be grateful if you did not copy or reproduce her work. Contact Renita through Friends of A Day Place email if you would like to reach out to Athena for her work.


The funding to begin Friends of A Day Place came from two family members of one of our original members. They felt that the program was such a gift to their mother that they wanted to share the ability to attend the program with others. It was their specific wish that the monies are paid forward to a family that is in need and does not have the financial means to see this happen. 

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